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The digital world, its restrictions and how to involve everyone

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The virtual world The digital world. Doesn’t it sound familiar to you? Of course! This innovative era is becoming a very extended practice and it won’t stop spreading. There are even virtual implications for learning, such as the case of [...]

CIDET will be the coordinator of a new European project called Intranet

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Today, we have received good news. Our project called Intranet: Intrapreneurship net-playbook  which was applied for in the Erasmus+ KA2 programm of the European Union has been approved. During the next two years we will be cooperating with the Akademia im [...]

New learning and transmission opportunities for people over 65

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People over 65 are characterized, in our environment, by being enthusiastic about life: increasingly trained, knowledgeable about their abilities, restless and knowing that their quality of life depends in a great way on what they and they do. The [...]