Walk’n’Talk is a project that is addressed to people over 65. Throughout this project, we intend to increase this group’s participation in continuous learning, increase their quality of life and their social participation and inclusion.

Ed-Way “Education on the way” pretends to facilitate the use of new technologies, the acknowledgment and use of formal and non formal learning (and its permeability with interdisciplinary formal paths) in the field of adult education and instruction. In order to do that, we focus on the acquisition of personal social and formal skills as well as competencies and capacities.

The project “Breaking the digital barriers; adult digital literacy” is addressed to people over 60 and intends to improve this group’s integration in society, by providing them with digital literacy which is already recognised as a human right. The elderly will be doted with digital skills via cheatsheets and videos so they can keep up with technology in their daily life (reading the news, online shopping, etc.).

The project “Connecting the elderly to the digital world” or Seniors@Digiworld attempt to provide the elderly with basic technologic skills so they can use tablets in an independent way and also take advantage of them to perform some of their daily life tasks. In order to do that so, we pretend to train instructors and volunteers who are responsible of elder instruction, so the senior citizens that have already been instructed can teach others.

The project pretends to promote abilities and competencies of intrapreneurship, mixing business, educational institutions and individuals. The project is addressed to both employees that are currently working inside an enterprise and unemployed people. Thanks to the activities developed in the Intra-net, you will be able to acquire soft skills such as leadership, creativity, adaptation, etc. which are really necessary to either enter or maintain in the labour market.



We have already participated in several Erasmus+ KA2 European projects. 

Since 2014, CIDET’s team has actively participated in the world of Erasmus+ projects, as a partner for KA2 projects and as a coordinator. Additionally, we also offer KA2 courses in our main fields of knowledge: education and new technologies.

We have broad experience in the field of ICTs and online tools. 

We are involved in the design of digital platforms, online learning environments and technological tools  linked to education. Our experience in ICT allow us tu integrate and properly design new technologies that are suitable in the educational scope. 

We master the educational area, more specifically pedagogy and andragogy.

We provide assistance, give advice and offer courses to teachers, instructors, students, etc. about what methodologies and pedagogies should be applied in the classroom. We have carried out several research papers about adragogy and we also teach elder people. 

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