In October 2016 we started the project “Seniors @ digiworld” coordinated by the Digital Opportunities Foundation (Stiftung Digitale Chancen) in Berlin. The main themes of this project are the training and integration of adults and adults in the digital society.

Nowadays, computers and tablets can be used in an innovative and creative way for education and training but only if they are used in an appropriate way, attending to the needs of students and facilitating the proper transmission and acquisition of skills and skills, in an inclusive and empowering capacity and social role of the elderly.

CIDET will collaborate in all phases of the project, from the analysis of needs to the implementation of what will be a curriculum and manual for teachers to use it in their classes for the elderly. As an innovative part, we intend to design a training activity to be applied to a teaching with tablets, as this will overcome the barrier with which some older view the computer. Specifically, CIDET will be responsible for developing the manual to prepare personnel responsible for education in a non-formal environment and improve their computer skills.

The knowledge acquired will be applied in training events, which, through tablets and active teaching, we intend to encourage the use of new technologies and the Internet and, in this way, improve and develop computer skills in the elderly. This will also enable them to be part of a society full of opportunities and to face in a positive and constructive way the changes that may occur.

The partners of this project are:

  • Foundation for digital opportunities (Stiftung digitale chancen), Berlin
  • Association for internet access (Asociacija “Viesieji interneto prieigos taskai”), Vilnius
  • Center for the Innovation and Development of Education and Technology, Castellón
  • Fundatia EOS – Educating for an Open Society Romania, Timisoara

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