On May 19 and 20, the Seniors @ digiworld project meeting, coordinated by the organization of digital opportunities in Berlin, took place in our institution. During the meeting, all the project partners shared their ideas and the results obtained from the previous study done in each of the countries. These results were analyzed extensively in order to proceed with the preparation of the next step, the O2, related to the creation of the curriculum, the process of training multipliers for teaching and the courses of the use of tables, aimed at the elderly. In addition to this, Katrin Schubert, one of the coordinators and creators of the project, had the opportunity to make a presentation on ” Seniors @ digiworld ” in the closing conference of the V Conference of Seniors and New Technologies, which attended more than one hundred students of the University of Major of Castellón.

For more information about the project do not hesitate to visit the official website: http://www.digital-seniors.eu