We welcome a new academic year at the University for Seniors. This week the classes have started and both students and teachers are full of energy and enthusiasm for the start of this 2016/2017 course.

The training offered at the University for the Elderly allows the expansion of reflection, dialogue, growth and personal, social and cultural environments. In this way, we favor active aging.

In these studies, courses are offered for the acquisition of technological and linguistic skills such as English classes from a basic level to an intermediate level, office automation, ICT, advanced internet or courses on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, and in these CIDET collaborates contributing his experience and technological tools to favor a useful, useful, meaningful and fun learning.

As a complement to the educational training of the student, we also offer workshops oriented to the encounter in different cultural, social, artistic and geographical contexts. Thus, the student can enroll in them quarterly and can choose between workshops on artistic photography, astronomy, cultural heritage, hiking, music and many more. In these subjects, CIDET provides the environments and the appropriate educational technology to enhance learning.