We have almost reached the first half of the life of the project. A lot has happened since we started. During the intense research work that we have carried out among the elderly and the educational centers of older people we have been able to conclude interesting ideas to offer in our courses.

The partners have developed methods for the analysis of requirements and questionnaires whose results are expected to influence the development of the curriculum of the Walk ‘n’ Talk course.

The surveys focused on:

  • Documentary research: useful information for trainers / instructors on health issues related to age, such as learning in dual situations, existing active aging courses, best practices, etc;
  • Elderly students: motivation, needs, skills that they consider necessary to acquire, attitude towards active and healthy aging, etc;
  • Instructors / trainers: experience, necessary qualification, teaching methods, good practices, etc;
  • Institutions: existing curricula, established objectives, pedagogues used, etc;
  • External stakeholders: challenges, opportunities, awareness, etc.

The results obtained have been statistically processed and will serve as a basis for the further development of the curriculum and educational activities in each partner’s country.

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