Every time you use digital resources, access web pages, online services, etc. and the elderly do not need to be an exception, digital inclusion is a priority for the European Union, and also for CIDET. We want to bring technology to the elderly in an easy, useful and fun way.

In addition, we want to make it easier for other people (trainers, tutors, facilitators …) to work with adults (social centers, training centers, libraries, etc.) and even if they are not teachers, they do want to take them into account. (such as workshops, courses, seminars, etc.). We can help you:

Sign up for our online course, it’s free and get the content of the training activities for the elderly and download materials
During the course, I can help you, even moving to your center
The course starts on February 5. You can register and access this link: Online course (the content will be public on February 1)

Online course modules:

  1. Technology.
    1. a face-to-face session (we can move wherever you are or by Skype)
    2. For 2 weeks, online we will provide you with tabs, tutorials and guides for you and your older students. These tabs are for managing the tablet (Android and Tablet) with basic tasks: mail, search, take pictures, etc. We also have instruction manuals with concepts explained about security, options of our tablet, etc.
  2. Education.
    1. For 2 weeks, use available online, different uses and manuals, about education in older people, use of pedagogies and techniques. In a very practical way, aimed at non-experts but who want to know what are the best ways to teach older people.
  3. Accompaniment
    1. During the two weeks, we propose that the seas, now, put into practice what they have learned and the materials they provide. Organize a workshop, or an educational activity. We help you and we can also change the places where you are going to do the activity (we have tablets)
    2. Face-to-face session, to conclude the course
  4. Tracing
    1. Once the course is finished, we will keep in touch to help in the digital inclusion of the mayor

The completion of this online course will entitle you to a certificate, within the Erasmus + program of the European Union