Today, we have received good news. Our project called Intranet: Intrapreneurship net-playbook  which was applied for in the Erasmus+ KA2 programm of the European Union has been approved. During the next two years we will be cooperating with the Akademia im Jana Dlugosza of Polonia, the Stitching PRIME of Holland, the CPU of Slovenia and TREBAG of Hungry, developing a common project based on the promotion of transversal and soft skills, enterpreneurship habilities as well as digital habilities in order to promote employability, socio-educational development and professional growth.

Enterpreneurship is recognized as one of the priorities of the EU in areas of employability (in business), training need (educational institutions) and lifelong learning skills acquisition (individuals) as stated in The Enterpreneurship 2020 Action Plan (COM 2012/0795). In this project, CIDET aims to promote intrapreneurship skills and competences, by mixing business, educational institutions and individuals. Intrapreneurship takes place inside institutions and it provides huge benefits for individuals as well as for organisation. It allows the construction of highly effective dynamic teams and collaborative groups that make possible the transfer and valorisation of knowledge, the organisations’ continous innovation and competitiveness increase. Individuals should acquire new attitudes and skills in a non-formal and informal way; this has to do with soft-skills such as leadership, creative thinking, resilience, adaptation, and initiative among others. Because of the current social context (digital society, globalisation, continous changes and risks, etc.) we want to ptovide the training opportunities and knowledge management in a net-based approach, that is using the potentialities of using information and communication technologiess (ICT) therefore individuals will increase their digital competences in a seamlessly way (informal way).


Thanks to our link with the business market, we observed that organisations and enterprises staff have to deal with the new challenges related to globalisation, competitiveness and continous adaptation. Such needs also exist in unemployed people, not demanding skills for creating a company but the skills for being a valuable part of a team inside an institution.

The main project’s target group is the staff already working in an organisation or unemployed individuals willing to acquire intrapreneurial skills. They will be the main beneficiaries of this project due to the future increase of their skills and competencies. In order to reach this target group, we will collaborate with multipliers, training staff, other educational institutions or training departments inside organisations.