Next 18th October ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018 will be held in Brussels and CIDET has been nominated because of its participation in the European project called Seniors@DigiWorld.

All Digital Awards recognise the achievements of individuals, organisations and small business across Europe that enable people to exploit the benefits and opportunities offered by new technologies. Thousands of people are working to promote people’s digital inclusion and to empower them to use ICT resources and the Internet. Their purposes go from digital inclusion to online security or boosting the entrepreneurship.

All Digital Awards recognise people’s work in five different categories, and CIDET has been nominated in two out of five categories thanks to the project Seniors@DigiWorld: Connecting the Seniors to the Digital World,togther with the Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) which is the coordinator of the project and Viesieji interneto prieigos taska (VIPT) and Educating for an Open Society (EOC), other european partners that work in the project. Such categories are:

  • Best cooperation project 2018
  • Best digital resource 2018

The project Seniors@DigiWorld empowers senior citizens to use tablet computers independently and profit from this usage in daily life. In order to do this, multipliers that worked hand in hand with seniors where first contacted and then trained. The main objective was them to support seniors and help them to find their way to the digital world, implementing training and support programs. People attitude towards the course were positive. In fact, some of them can use the tablet now to do things that they could not have imagined before such as buying online books, doing transactions via the Internet, etc.

Thanks to the All Digital Awards 2018 nomination we expect to become more visible and be able to help more people. More concretely, we intend to help that part of the population that is still excluded from the digital society and think that there are not training offers that suit with their age, possibilities and needs.


¡Seguiremos trabajando para acercar la tecnología a las personas!