The multiplier event organized within the project “Connect Seniors to the Digital World” by Spanish partners was held in Zaragoza, on the 13th of September. A significative number of 43 representatives from different local public and private institutions attended the event. Participants were employees, volunteers and directors of the public services for elderly from Aragón County and they represented a variety of centers and services such as day care centers for seniors, adult education centres, town council representatives from cities nearby, homes and retirement houses for elderly people and home care services.

The multiplier event combined theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part of the instruction presented general information about the course and discussed the importance of introducing seniors to ICT, and more specifically, to the Tablets. Then, we proceeded with the practical part of the online course. Attendants were provided with examples of good practices, cheat sheets and a clear and straightforward introduction to the online course.  Thus, participants were encouraged to access the resources during the whole presentation.

After the presentation of the project finished, some questions and proposals emerged, leading to a space for debate and collaboration. Given the interest of the participants in the topic and the course, we dare to collaborate with them in the foreseeable future, helping them to implement offers of training for seniors in their respective institutions. Furthermore, we volunteered to lend them tablets, so they can use it in their courses.

The multiplier event was a successful activity inasmuch as people was positively surprised by the course and the content taught. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to disseminate the materials of the project and to look for local and regional stakeholder organizations/institutions working on the seniors area.