It’s December and we would like to celebrate that by showing you the second article of the technopedagogic notebook.

This time, we present the article “Say yes to eLearning for seniors” that speaks about techno-pedagogy within the implementational framework of both constructivist principles (Huang, 2002) and connectivist (Siemens, 2014) and the given suggestions that  will make the proposal work in a seniors’ educational environment. Furthermore, we suggest you a methodological proposal that can be applied to a course, introducing the phases and exercises that could be embedded.

Abstract: The learning in seniors or retired people is not addressed to achieve a title or professional certificate, but to an intrinsic motivation; willingness to learn, keep active and spend time with people who share the same affinities. This is a face-to-face teaching and it is not common to offer courses virtually to seniors, where the technology can also be perceived as a barrier. However, to avoid this topic would mean to ignore the advantages, raging form a major access to training/education (specifically beneficial for disabled or people living in rural areas) to the possibilities of being in contact with companions (socialise and integrate).


In this article we present a methodology proposal to offer online courses to seniors via the use of simple and successful ICT tools, where experiential as well as collaborative learning is prioritised. We will provide organisational examples and activities based in our experience that will help senior learners to discover, enjoy the social learning and keep active from their homes, at the same time they are able to discover new digital skills in a transversal way.


If you would like to download the second edition of the technopedagogic notebook, click on the following link: Cuadernos tecnopedagógicos 2