¿Does the term “intrapreneurship” ring a bell to you? It is quite new,in fact, this concept first appeared in Gifford Pinchot’s white paper titled Intra-corporate entrepreneurship and eventually, it was coined by the author in 1978. The author defined intrapreneurs as employees who do for corporate innovation what an entrepreur does for his or her start-up” (Gifford Pinchot, 2017). So, it is increasing the number of managers and personnel officer that search for employees who embrace a set of specific traits that are linked to an intrapreneurial attitude.

In this sense, organisations should adopt a series of principles that  facilitate this attitude among employees. Enterprises should develop a culture whereby employees can test their ideas as well as intuitions. Thus, the organisation needs to promote mechanisms for generating and mobilizing ideas that can be integrated into the work practices.

Taking that into account, we have proposed 6 tennets to be adopted by any enterprise which is willing to boost an inrapreneurial attitude among their employees.

  1. Include innovation-friendly management processes. Not to be governed by strict intern working rules and to leave freedom to employees has been proven to be positive in working environments. Giving autonomy and responsibility to employees will lead to a space for creativity and will eventually drive to good results.
  2. Provide resources and financial support to implement new ideas. Not only is vital to create a friendly working environment but also to contribute with financial support or other resources.
  3. Acknowledge your employees’ well-developed performances and ideas and learn from failures. Organisations should reward those employees who are creative, innovative and test new ideas.Set an accommodating leadership style.
  4. Organisations need to be transformed from within and consequently, managers play a vital role in encouraging employees’ creativity and innovation. Managers are expected to promote employees’ initiatives to explore new opportunities as well as to develop new products and procedures that transform this into profits.
  5. From management perspective and organisation strategy; consider changing the world from a broader perspective. Organisations should promote it as an intrinsic aim, for that purpose innovation and competitiveness are key notions that should be included as a priority  in order to increase profit and keep growing.
  6. Promote a systemic view of the organisation joining organisational aims with personal aims. The company must keep the organisation always valuable for the intrapreneur. If employees identify with the goals and values of the organisation where their work, they are likely to take risks and pursue innovative actions.


If you are interested in intrapreneurship, you can visit the Eramus+ project’s wbsite at:   intra-net.org