This week we have just learnt that the project “Curriculum guide of media and information literacy for adults” that we take part in as partners, has been approved in the 2019 Erasmus+ KA2 call. The project will be coordinated by the german institution Medienkompetenz Team e.V. (Germany), and with the collaboration of Akademie Für Politsche Bildund Und Demokratiefördernde Massnahmen (Austria) y Centre for the Innovation and Development of Education and Technology (Spain).


The aim of this project is to develop the “literacy of the media of information” in adults and more specifically, within parents. The program will define the requirements for knowledge and the necessary competencies to reach digital maturity. Adults must learn how to manage in the digital world in an independent and determined way. El programa definirá los requisitos del conocimiento y las competencias para alcanzar una madurez digital. Los adultos deben aprender a usar el mundo digital de una manera independiente y determinada.


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