During November 2nd and 3rd it took place in Karlsruhe the first Erasmus+ European project titled “Curriculum guide of media and information literacy for adults” coordinated by Medienkompetenz Team e.V.

In this Erasmus+ project, we propose a curriculum and educational content shaped in a course addressed to teachers and adults in general in the following large sections:

  1. Digital inclusion / digital society; identity, social changes, progress and future of technology and the Internet
  2. Communication and creativity: media-power, learning spaces, collaboration
  3. Social networks and virtual communities; like ethics, fake-news, information checking, contexts
  4. Security, privacy: GDPR, digital rights, phishing,
  5. Technology: Cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, domotics (home automation), 5G,
  6. Guidance and orientation for parents.

We do not pretend to teach them about technical issues, just like searching on the Internet or send messages, we aim at training adults, so they can acquire the needed knowledge to understand and comprehend the potentialities and also the risks of actual information systems and communication media, which are mainly provided throughout the Internet. Those, influence and affect significantly in our daily lives, in the way we socialize and the way we enjoy technology.


The previous list is the proposal we will be working on during the following months and until the Castellón meeting (May 2020)  the partnership will be detailing the content, competences (based in DigitComp), activities and evaluation. Contact us if you want to know more, collaborate or try the first products of this project as it is being developed.



More information: https://cumila.eu