Last week, during the 12th and 13th of December, the Intranet partnership had the second meeting of the year in Budapest, Hungary. Stichting PRIME, TREBAG, CPU, UJD as well as CIDET had the chance to discuss the progress of the project and come up with some agreements.

During the meeting, CIDET presented the ICT-based activities developed so far, those are: Critical decision-making and Creative Crowd Sourcing Thinking. The partners could see for the first time the activities and try them, playing the role of the learners. After that analysis, the partners were able to provide suggestions as well as possible improvements.

The meeting was really fruitful, in fact, we agree about the next activities to be developed: Changing Hats, Ishikawa diagram and SCAMPER which will cover soft skills such as creativity, problem analysis and rule-breaker, respectively.

Now, it is time to come home and develop the activities and consequently, start shaping more online tools which will be soon available to a public audience.