Some months ago, we presented the first activity based on ICT that we developed under the name: Critical decision making. And now, we introduce you to the second activity (Creative Crowd Sourcing) which is already available.

This activity will allow the students to reflect on a certain question, to communicate among them and to decide which is the best option. The most important point of the activity is to set “what is the question”.

¿Which is the methodology? ¿How this activity works? First, it is presented a certain situation to the students and it is accompanied by a challenge or question. Once all the participants have sent their answers, the instructor will publish all the responses. Then, students will be able to see other participants’ answers and they must score them from 5 (the highest) to 1 (the lowest) according to their criteria. The answer that reaches the highest score, will be the winner.

This activity can be very beneficial for the participants because they will have the chance to improve the following soft skills:

  • Teamwork, though it seems they are engaging individually, they need to work all together to reach a common goal; finding the best option.
  • Communication, in order to write the answers they will have to rely on their communication skills.
  • Problem-solving, to find the 10 most suitable responses in a short period of time, it allows them to find solutions that will be later implemented.
  • Adaptability, by accepting other people’s opinions and way of thinking, they are showing flexibility.
  • Interpersonal skills, when points of view are exchanged and you try to comprehend other people’s thinking, interpersonal skills such as motivation, positive attitude and counseling are improved.

This activity, inside of a working environment provides better results than those obtained via rather traditional interactions. To be able to manage interactions with this activity is useful to gain self-confidence and to become a leader in the eyes of other team members.