Last Wednesday 10th of June it took place the Virtual Workshop on Innovation and Technology organised by the ESPAITEC of Jaume I University. There, participated entities such as the vice rector of research and transference of UJI, Ismael Rodrigo and the director of the ESPAITEC, Juan Antonio Bertolín, as well as companies and UJI research groups. After a brief and general presentation in which it was discussed the aim of the workshop and we could get to know the participating companies/entities, the participants were grouped in small virtual rooms according to their interests, in order to enhance collaboration among them.

CIDET could exchange opinions and discuss with an spokesperson from the Educational Innovation group research of Jaume I and with the Evaluation and research group of education. During the virtual meeting, we had the chance to introduce out Intranet Erasmus+ project, which we are the coordinators of, and to gather ideas and feedback to improve the intellectual outputs.

The meeting was fruitful and we look forward to have another collaboration with such entities which stand for innovation and technology in relation to education.