CIDET is participating in the recently approved Erasmus+ project called “Next move” leaded by the Foundation Spread your Wings from Poland. The partnership is formed by three institutions with different nature of activities, which embrace cooperation between private and non-governmental institutions to create a solid ground to efficiently develop the project.  The third constituent of this partnership is E.O Sharp Minds from Greece.

“Next move” is a comprehensive educational programme in the field of entrepreneurship and social activity of young people entering the labour market. The goal of this project is, thus to increase the professional potential of trainers and HR department employees and enabling young people aged from 18 to 26 to gain practical knowledge.

The project’s idea was born as a response to the growing problem of insufficient social competences and involvement of young people from European countries in the area of entrepreneurship, which often results in their professional inactivity after graduation, taking up jobs below qualifications or quitting work at an early stage.

The project is intended to develop the following outcomes:

  • “Next move” – E-handbook for youth coaches and HR Workers. A compendium of practical knowledge for trainer and HR specialist to use in their work and that contains 30 original lesson scenarios with innovative methods.
  • “Your move” – A mobile App to develop soft skills of the youth necessary to take up your first job.


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