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Seniors education in an ageing society

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The increase of life expectancy has entailed a global ageing that will be even more disproportionate in the following years. This has represented a challenge for society due to the fact that neither the society nor the economy were prepared [...]

Intrapreneurship: 6 tennets to boost intrapreneurship in your enterprise

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¿Does the term "intrapreneurship" ring a bell to you? It is quite new,in fact, this concept first appeared in Gifford Pinchot’s white paper titled Intra-corporate entrepreneurship and eventually, it was coined by the author in 1978. The author defined intrapreneurs [...]

The digital world, its restrictions and how to involve everyone

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The virtual world The digital world. Doesn’t it sound familiar to you? Of course! This innovative era is becoming a very extended practice and it won’t stop spreading. There are even virtual implications for learning, such as the case of [...]

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