Project Description


That the elderly can learn and consolidate the basic skills of computer and Windows management, so that in this way, they can enjoy the Internet safely.

More and more seniors have a computer and Internet connection in their homes, making basic use. It is intended that they can make use of their computer and meet their personal challenges with the help of computers.

Who is it for?

To adults and seniors, who are interested in learning to manage Windows and the Internet, or who already know and who want to consolidate knowledge and discover new uses

How are we going to learn?

A group of a maximum of 20 older students, in 30 sessions of 2 h. each. They will learn in a practical way, through examples and guides in a projector.

The following topics will be presented, focusing especially on those aspects that may be useful to the group of students.

  • Learn and strengthen the management of Windows, environment, windows, save and find documents, handling of USBs
    Introduction and operation of the browser. Basic structure of the web pages (with examples) so as not to get lost.
  • Basic uses of the Internet, such as information search (comparison, reliability …) and email.
  • Exploration and learning of different types of web pages, showing them as examples and options that they can then take advantage of at home: news, videos, music, maps, purchases, cloud,
  • Introduction to social networks (Facebook), create and share information with friends and family.
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