Project Description

Within the courses offered by CIDET, we include some days for next summer aimed at people of all ages; children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

As we know, technology is evolving by leaps and bounds and is increasingly accessible and economical with surprising applications and possibilities never before imagined. What was previously available to large companies and that constituted enormous economic outlays, now we have it within reach. Therefore, we want to learn and discover these latest novelties, sometimes curious and useful, but always interesting. So, we will make the little ones understand and learn to manage these technologies.

The dates of these days can be adapted to the needs of each institution since they can be offered during the week and on weekends. You will need a room with enough space, tables and chairs to carry out the workshops.

How are we going to learn?

First we will explain what this technology consists of, how it works and why it is interesting; what applications can we give, take advantage of them, learn more … with a duration of 30 minutes.

24 children and young people will be divided into 3 groups and during the session they will learn and play for 80 minutes in each of the thematic areas.

Thematic areas

  • Printer and 3D pencils: you can draw in 3d
  • Drones: understand how a drone works and fly
  • Virtual reality: you can explore new worlds. We include augmented reality applications.

We also include a section for programming with Lego WeDo parts

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