When we think about online learning, it is impossible not to tie together this type of education with a concept called “virtual classrooms”. Increasingly, students and professors rely on this learning context on account of its power as a communication device and easiness as knowledge distributor. 


Nowadays, almost all public education institutions such as schools, high school or universities posses their own virtual classrooms in order to complement classroom-based training and to implement a fully virtual training, in both cases. Furthermore, there are constantly more academies and private businesses that get interested in using such a virtual context because of the advantages offered. Would you like to take advantage of this, too? Do you know the benefits? We will see them hereunder. 


1- You don’t need to spend your resources to arrange a space for the teaching. Besides, you neither need furniture nor printed material because virtual classrooms allow you to provide others with your knowledge completely virtually. 

2- Students enrolled in your courses don’t need to abide by a strict time schedule, but the course perfectly fits with their needs.  Each student can decide the time he/she wants to devote to studying as well as to decide when to see and read the content placed in the Virtual Classroom.

3- It broadens reachability. Due to the fact that lessons are not taught in a face-to-face context, the amount of people that can attend the lessons is much wider. Furthermore, those who live in rural areas and isolated population far from the city where training centres are usually placed, are more likely to get enrolled in an online course, rather than attend classroom-based lessons. 

4- Information is quickly distributed and students can be individually monitorised, therefore you can obtain a clear detailed vision of their performance in the Virtual Classroom. 

5- It constitutes a place yo socialise and learning through collaboration. Blogs, groups and chats allow the students of a course to talk to each other, arise questions and to clarify doubts thanks to the help their course mates.

6- Despite not speaking directly with the teacher, tutories and emails allow the teacher to get closer to his/her students, and therefore to provide each students with student individual treatment. 


The eLearning platform called Edueca has been designed to allow a person to offer online courses within its platform or to create one’s own Virtual Classroom. If you are a profesor, trainer, academia, institution, etc. you will be able to create a Virtual Classroom and add all the courses you want to offer, the important events that will take place, add tasks and suggestions and also to provide your students with an annual calendar which will contain the events you decide to include. Increasingly, Edueca’s Virtual Classroom is customizable: you are provided with a link you can send to your students, you can include your own logo and exclusively display your own courses.


Dare with online learning and try Edueca for free! To get more information, you can visit the characteristics page: https://www.edueca.com/es/characteristics/ and find further explanation on the tutorials webpage: https://www.edueca.com/es/tutorial/.