Our project Walk’n’Talk is about to come to an end and thus, in collaboration with the Volkshochschule Lingen GmbH, Dachverband burgenländischer Frauen-Maädchen – und Familienberatungsstellen, ProEduca z.s, Archivio della Memoria, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi, Sastamalan Opisto, CIDET has created the newsltter presented hereunder in order to inform about the stages and results of the project.


The main objective of the Walk’n’Talk project is to foster the participation of the elder and 65+ in physical activities and this way, to improve the quality of life and physical health of seniors, at the same time they learn about different subjects and treat their mental health. Furthermore, the exercises that we propose in the project are carried out in groups, so social inclusion and participation are potentiated among seniors and also they have the chance to exercise their body and mind.


Especially, in this newsletter, we talk about the fifth transnational meeting with the other partners. During the week we spend in Finland, in partnership, we conducted several courses and learning activities: English course, hiking, storytelling, poesy, mathematics, photography, etc. And, seniors with the willingness to increase their quality of life participated in such courses.


Her, you can download the newsletter of the project: WaT newsletter 3